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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Fixing a TEMP profile in Windows Vista

When logging onto a Vista workstation, you are presented with a TEMP profile.  This usually happens in an environment that stores user profiles on a remote location, such as a server. With local profiles (those that reside on the workstation itself) you don’t normally run into this issue. Microsoft has recommended against using roaming profiles on servers.

You can normally figure out that you have a temp profile if you do not see your normal desktop, icons, etc. Your desktop background and icons are all generic, just as if you were logging on for the very first time.  Also, if you had Microsoft Outlook configured, you may find that you will have to reconfigure Outlook again. If you checked the windows folder C:\Users you should see TEMP folder instead of your normal profile name. This is an indicator that you need to fix your temp profile in windows vista.

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