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Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Evolution of Internet Explorer – an Informational Technology Wonder

Internet Explorer didn’t always move in step with the times. When the internet first became publicly available, IE was struggling to catch up, believe it or not. Well, I say “struggling” but of course the concept of Microsoft ever struggling in an industry where it’s had a choke hold on all PC users for decades is pretty ludicrous. It was just a bit slow off the mark.

It soon caught up, and then began the game of staying in synch with the high speed internet providers. Each time a new theoretical top speed for domestic or business use was reached, technology changed to take advantage of it. Back in the age of the web dinosaurs, for example, sites had no Flash, no animation and no interactivity. In fact, using the web at all back then was a bit like banging your head repeatedly against a brick wall while you waited for someone to paint a message on it. I remember making breakfast in the time it took my modem to send my first email and wondering what all the fuss was about!

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