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Understanding Software

Adding a WiFi Access Control List

What is an Access Control List (ACL) ?  An Access Control List is a list, stored on a network router, of allowed devices on a network. This list determines which devices are allowed to connect to the network and which devices are not allowed. Using such a list, a wifi administrator (or home user) can block unauthorized access to their network.

Access Control Lists are configured using a wireless router. A network hub device will not work. A network hub allows all traffic to pass both ways; it does not filter any traffic. A router filters traffic, you can block traffic in either direction or re-route traffic. A router could be a basic router (ie. NetGear, Linksys) from any electronics store, an advanced router (i.e. Cisco Router) or a server/workstation configured as a router. A router stores information in its ACL and based on that information, directs traffic in and out of a network.

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