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Google Voice

Google Voice is a useful addition to the Google toolbox. With an interface that resembles an email list, Google Voice lets you manage your virtual phone line. This tool gives you the power of a business phone line without the same cost. You can view the phone number and the originating City and State, the length of time the call was left, respond with a call or text and more.

Here are just a few of the cool features that comes with a Google Voice phone number;

  • It gives you one phone number that rings to any phone of your choice.
  • Google Voice records the voice message into a transcript for you to read from your inbox.
  • Send calls to multiple phones
  • You can block unwanted calls by adding numbers to a block list. 

One Phone Number
When setting up a phone number, you have options on what numbers to use. You are not able to select 800 numbers, only numbers in your state.

Read E-mails

Records voice messages and converts to text. When callers leave a message, you can now have it in email form to read right away or forward for your records.

Send calls to multiple phones

When callers call your number, your phone will ring showing the phone number that is calling you. If you setup multiple phone numbers on your account, all phones will rings at the same time.

Blocks unwanted calls
You can easily add individual numbers to a list of callers to block.

If you already have a Google account, you can easily add the virtual phone line by going to Select the phone number you want, create your voice message and block any unwanted callers. Enjoy reading voice messages straight from your easy to manage inbox.

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