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Adding a new WordPress Plugin

WordPress offers a complete Blogging site ready to go out-of-the-box. With the addition of Themes and Plugins, a WordPress site can move from the ordinary to extraordinary. From E-Commerce  to SEO plugins, there are many to choose from via the WordPress backend search option and from

Many developers upload their Themes and Plugins to WordPress’ s directory for approval and access to site administrators. Once an administrator finds the plugin of their choice, its easy to install into WordPress. You can use an FTP application and transfer the plugin folder to the correct directory or simply log into the WordPress backend and WordPress will install it correctly for you.

Follow these steps below to install any WordPress plugin.

Access your WordPress backend. Select the Plugins menu option on the left sidebar.

  1. When the menu expands. You will see the Installed and Deactivated/Activated plugins listed. You can filter the view by showing just the Deactivated or just the Activated plugins. WordPress Plugin
  1. Select Add New at the top of the Plugin area.
  2. Click on the option to upload the plugin, then browse for the directory the plugin’s zip file is stored.
    1. Other options available: Search, Featured, Popular and Newest (WordPress version 3.4.2)
  1. After clicking Install Now, the plugin will install and you will have the option to active it right away. You should see a message stating the install was successful. Successfull WordPress Plugin Install

A few things to note, when searching for a plugin, pay attention to what version of WordPress the plugin has been tested with. The last thing you want is a plugin crashing your high traffic WordPress site. Also look at the ratings given by other users. If the plugin was rated by a handful of users, its probably best to test it out offline before installing it on your live site.

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