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blackberry desktop manager

Installing the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is a bit more trickier that it needs to be. Although it is tricky, it is not impossible. Thanks to the increase security Windows 7 has in place to protect us from us, it can be difficult at times for older software to install or access parts of the system. If you have already noticed, if you have an account that is the “administrator”, you may still find yourself getting a message “access denied”.

BlackBerry Desktop Installer error

Error 1402 could not open key

In our case, we are given a message “Error 1402. Could not open key…” during an attempt to install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager in Windows 7 64bit. The most direct approach to resolving this issue is to solve the obvious problem…getting access to that key.

The first thing you will need to do is to open the registry and run a search on part of that key path. Start with ‘unknown’ or ‘component’ and try to find a key that matches the entire path. You will eventual find the key along with a message stating you do not have access to the key. You will need to grant yourself permission to that key.

Registry edit to fix permission


Right click on the key and select Permissions. Then add your self to the list with Full Permissions. Once your done, exit the registry and try to re-install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. You should be successful now.

2 Responses to blackberry desktop manager

  • klaus says:

    i am using win 7 64 bit and still cant run it after using your advice. stumped. given full permissions and everything. Any advice?

  • WadadliTech says:

    So you found the key in your registry and you have full permissions to that key? What about the windows account? Is it an admin account?

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