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BlackBerry IDE load failing on Windows 7

Many people have been experiencing issues with the Blackberry IDE failing to load in Windows 7 64bit OS.  At first this appears to be a case of the path to the IDE not being included in the Environmental PATH entry, however, running the application in the correct compatibility mode also aides in solving the issue.

BB IDE start error

RIMIDEWin32Utill.dll error

1. Check the Environmental settings to see if your application’s BIN folder is included and is correct. In Windows 7 there are variables for the System and variables for the user. Check that you have a user PATH variable and the location of the BlackBerry IDE is included along with the correct location for javaw.exe.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.5.0_22\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 5.0.0\bin

PATH entry for the user variables

2. Also find and right click the executable: Blackberry_JDE_5.0.0.exe and change the mode to Windows XP service pack 3 and run as the administrator. This file should be located in the Program Files(x86) folder under Research In Motion.

Windows 7 Compatibility Mode

Compatibility Mode

This should allow you to load the Blackberry IDE error free. It is always a good idea to first uninstall the IDE, reboot and start with a fresh install.

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