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Cleaning up iTunes Library: Organizing Loose Tracks

When it comes to moving your CD library from spindles/cases and into digital format, iTunes has been a great tool to use for importing music. It’s great to be able to quickly skip through your library of hundreds of albums as fast as you can scroll a mouse or swipe your finger.This saves us from searching through several spindles of music CD’s and not remembering what tracks are on the CD or if the CD still plays without skipping. Migrating favorite memories such as music has been the thing to do for many people wishing to shrink their large libraries for a more mobile and faster option.

With saying all that, i find that one of the things that annoy me about the digital version of an album, is when loose tracks show up outside of an album. This happens when you have a track with a featured artist. All the tracks in the album need to have the same artist name for all the tracks to “move into”  its album title in Grid View.


Using TuneUp with iTunes

In iTunes, when you have tracks show up separate from the albums, you could use a program like TuneUp to clean them up. TuneUp “automagically” moves lost tracks into the correct albums, leaving you with an organized music library. Without using a program like this, you would have to manually clean up your iTunes library yourself.

To manually clean up your iTunes library and organize loose tracks, search for an album that has loose tracks in Album View. Any tracks that have the artist’s name with a featured artist, needs to be edited to only show the artist’s name.

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. While in Grid View, search for albums that are loose. They can be easily identified by having guest artist names along with the artist name.
  3. Click on the names in the Artist Name column in Grid View.
  4. Once you edit the artist’s name, you will notice the library updates and the loose tracks disappear.
  5. Change the iTunes view from Grid View to Album List.

TuneUp also allows you to acquire the missing album art for albums that imported without the cover art. You can manually run this in iTunes after imported a CD, or you can have TuneUp do it for you … for a cost! We are not affiliated with TuneUp and are not promoting it, however we have tested the software and it did a pretty decent job cleaning up my library. It was very fast and it found many missing artwork (The software has a set limit for trial use).

If you prefer the free way, you can do the following:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Select the Album you want the cover for.
  3. Click Advanced, then Get Album Artwork.

iTunes scans your library and tries to match the missing album cover for albums without a cover. iTunes does not always find a match! So good luck and happy cleaning!

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