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Failed Application Loading using the BB Desktop Manager

If you attempt to load software to your BlackBerry device using the Desktop Manager, you may be familiar with the warning “Do not disconnect the device while the processing is completing”.

BlackBerry Application Loader

In case you have disconnected your device, you may find that your device is  missing data or the device itself is damaged (or on the way to become damaged). In our situation we, we disconnected the device during the process (since it appeared hung) and noticed afterward, that the device battery started over-heating as well as the overall operation was much slower.

It was a very good thing we backed up the device before starting the upgrade. This is a very good habit to get use to, even with other devices such as a computer. Since we had a good backup, we decided to wipe the device by going into the Options Menu and selecting Security Options then security wipe. We deleted everything; emails, contacts, user installed applications and anything on the media card. This was to insure that any partial install was removed completely. This was done so that we could start over with a clean slate. This is somewhat similar to re-imaging a computer. Whenever, software appears to hang or crash a computer its always best to remove the software or worst case scenario, re-image the computer and start over.  It is time consuming but worth it.

Once the device was wiped, we were able to restore all the data from a good backup and we’ve since avoided disconnecting the device in the middle of an application load process!

Defender USA