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How to Set up Google Buzz (What is Google Buzz?)

Google now has its own version of social networking. Now you can share with your friends in a similar way you do now, with Facebook and Twitter. In order to use Google Buzz you have to have a Google Account. Set up a Google account if you do not already have one. Login to Google and in the left hand column you will see an icon for Google Buzz. Select the Buzz icon and you will see your Buzz status.

You will see your connected sites, and your followers. Connected sites are sites such as Google Picasa and Google Reader, but they also include Flicr and Twitter. You can also opt to follow other Google users with accounts. Similar to how Facebook and twitter work, you can post status updates so that everyone following you can see them. Whenever you post a picture to Picasa or add a new item in the Reader, your followers will also see them.

Google Buzz Following

Make sure to select if you want to list the people your following and those following you to be seen on your profile.

As with other social networking sites, you have to be very careful of the information you put out there. Remember to only post information that you are comfortable with. They will be seen by those you love, friends and maybe your employer.

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