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Importing a CD into iTunes

Importing a CD into iTunes is a great way to store and organize all your favorite music into specific Playlists. Playlists is a way to organize music based on your preference. You can choose to organize music by Artist, Genre or any way you choose to organize your music. Here are the steps to successfully import your CD into iTunes and arranging it into a Playlist.

Importing a music CD into iTunes

Importing a music CD into iTunes

First open iTunes and create a new Playlist. Give your Playlist a name which allows you to easily identify the type of music you would like to store.

After creating the Playlist, insert the music CD you want to import. iTunes would normally ask you if you would like to import the CD. At that point select yes to have iTunes import your CD into the library.

After importing your CD, iTunes alerts you that importing is completed, by a short sounding tone. You can then find your CD in the Music Library. Select all the tracks of the CD you wish to place in your Playlist. You can add the whole album or individual tracks. Your entire CD will still be available in the Music Library. Your Playlist provides just your specific mix of music from your Library.

After selecting your choices of music for the Playlist, you can use your Playlist and enjoy your music.

You can burn your Playlist to a blank CD to create your own mix CD.

  1. Simply insert a blank CD
  2. Right-click on the Playlist
  3. Select Burn to Disc.

You can also export your Playlist as a text file. What this does, is create a text file with information that can be used to rebuild your playlist. This includes the name of the CD, artist, genre, size, file location and other information.

Exporting an iTunes Playlist

Exporting an iTunes Playlist

  1. Select File from the iTunes menu
  2. Select Library
  3. Select Import Playlist
  4. Select the text file of the Playlist to import

Your Playlist should immediately show up in the left side of the iTunes application under Playlists.

That’s all it takes to importing a CD into iTunes. You should now be able to not only import a CD, but also create a playlist, burn the playlist to CD and also export the playlist to a text file for a backup.You also know how to import that text file to restore your Playlist in the event it was deleted. The original music files will still have to be in their original locations for the playlists to work.

With Playlist created, copying music to your iPod is as simple as selecting your favorite Playlist to sync. We will cover that in another post!

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