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The move to Windows 7

I have been using Windows since the days of Windows 3.0/3.1. Microsoft has definitely come a very long way. I was very skeptical of Vista with the many compatibility issues. I decided to stick with XP for a very long time. However, recently i have been working with the Windows 7 OS and i am surprisingly very pleased! The boot time is extremely fast and the compatibility is excellent. There is some getting used to the look of the interface. Also, finding where certain tools are located, takes a bit of getting used to, but so far i am pleased. I did notice that some features reminded me of Mac’s OS, such as the see-through windows and the hovering grouping of applications to choose from. If you are considering Windows 7 try it out on a virtual install before making the move. Use Virtual PC or VirtualBox I think you would be as pleased as i was. I will still keep my Linux box close by just in case!

Here is a link to a Eweek’s article comparing windows and mac.

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