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Uninstalling Programs Manually

The task of uninstalling programs manually is a requirement of a PC user. Using Windows Control Panel to uninstall programs can sometimes to be difficult. Professional software such as Wizard Uninstaller РProfessional Uninstaller Software  or Secureuninstaller will sometime be required. Using the Windows control panel is the initial step in uninstalling a program, however sometime the shortcuts, program files, environmental variable and registry entries links are broken and the remaining items will need to be removed manually.

In order to get the files completely removed take these steps one at a time. Make sure to always back-up up your computer before making changes

  • Make sure to delete the program folder and empty your recycle bin.
  • Delete shortcuts on your desktop, Start Menu or in your task bar.
  • If your comfortable with the registry, your can search the the applications data that resides in the registry and remove it.
  • Doing a full reboot after editing the registry is a good idea.

After rebooting the PC, check to make sure the program is gone. Moving in a systematic process anyone can easily uninstall programs manually from a PC running Windows OS.


For Linux users, you can use the Synaptic Packager to uninstall a program using the GUI. The manual way would be on a terminal screen with the following syntax:

$ sudo apt-get remove packagenamehere

add a purge call to get rid of the configuration files:

$ sudo apt-get --purge remove packagenamehere

That’s it! If for some reason that doesn’t work you can always delete the package folder. Uninstalling programs manually doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

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