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What is a Blog?

What is a Blog? A Blog is a type of website that allows the owner to update content without knowing how to use HTML or an FTP program. The back end software that makes your website a blog website is the content management software running on the server where the blog is stored. I use Joomla or WordPress as my content management software of choice on some of my sites. How to Blog?  All I do is write a “post” which is very similar to writing an email. I then submit the post, similar to hitting send on an email. The software then uploads the “post” to my website, into a certain directory for blogging. I don’t have to worry about anything else, its that easy! The “post” is then time stamped and once a reader goes to my site they can view the most recent post or go through the archive for past posts. There are certain elements to a blog. Author name, permalinks, blogrolls, categories, comments, Trackbacks and RSS. Blogs can be instantly changed just by selecting a different template or editing your blog post. To see how your blog is doing, copy the blog URL into a blog search engine like Other blog search engines are technorati, feedster and bloglines. If anyone has cited your site by a Trackback, it should reflect on a blog search-engine like this one. Trackbacks are when some makes a comment about your blog on their site and it tracks back (links back) to your site. This helps in promoting your site. In order for a Trackback to work, both sites must have this option turned on. This is a protocol like HTML or FTP and has to be two way. It allows for a “cross blog communication” instead of everyone using one blog to converse they can expand the conversation into two blogs.

How do you Blog? Leave us some feedback on different ways you blog.

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