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5 Top WordPress Plugins You should have

It’s one thing to have a WordPress site but its way better to have a WordPress site with plugins. Plugins add functionality, engage readers, improve site performance, gives feedback and protects your site. There are so many plugins available out there that it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to install. I have a small list of five plugins i think is essential for any WordPress site.

Jetpack by
JetpackJetpack is a plugin with a lot of bang! The plugin installs a dashboard with views for several tools. It allows you to see page view stats on your WordPress site. There are also tools to set up subscription lists, so that readers will be notified of new posts. There are sharing tools that add social icons to the bottom of posts. If you are looking for an image gallery, Jetpack comes with a Carousel tool that is great for displaying gallery images. There is a feature that allows a WordPress website owner to display mathematical symbols easily within posts. Spelling and Grammar are also an added feature of this plugin. When writing posts, incorrect spelled words are underlined. Customizing the CSS can now be done without affecting the Theme.

Social Media Widget
Social MediaThe Social Media Widget adds social button links in a sidebar widget. You can add as many as you like. There are social buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Gaming accounts, Music accounts, RSS feeds, custom links and more. This is a free plugin with icons coming in different sizes, styles and animations. Just adding this plugin, brightens up any WordPress site, with the clean graphic icons used as social badges.

All in One SEO Pack
This plugin is great with making sure your site posts and pages are SEO friendly. When writing a post you have the ability to include SEO Meta data for the Title, Description and Keywords. You can include SEO information for the entire site, such as site title, keywords and description. This is a free plugin by Michael Torbert of Semper Fi Web Design, but there is also a paid version of the plugin.

This plugin is a time saver when it comes to spam. This plugin filters out spam from comments on your WordPress posts. AkismetBefore using this plugin, I would have to manually respond to hundreds of spam comments. After installing Akismet and acquiring an API key, i stopped reading spam comments. I can empty my spam queue and be fairly comfortable that what i am deleting are legitimate spam comments.

This plugins does a great job of converting your WordPress site into a mobile miniature version. You can view it on an iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Palm. This plugin gives your site an added avenue for traffic. There are so many mobile users with cell phone capable of viewing webpages, that it makes sense to have your site viewable on a mobile platform.

Having a WordPress site and a flashy theme aren’t the only things that make a site great, its the plugins you include. The plugins take the site to a new level by adding functionality, feedback, performance and protection. You now know of five plugins that should be in your site. There are a lot of plugins out there, but consider these to have in your WordPress website. If you want to learn about installing a WordPress plugin, read the post on Adding a new WordPress Plugin.

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