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Adding Storage Space in XP

When installing a new hard drive some are plug n’ play drives, however there are still others available that has to be configured. The available space sometimes does not show up right away as an available storage disk in Windows. Let’s walk through what you would need to do after installing a new storage disk or Hard Drive in windows. After physically installing the drive into the computer (connected as a cable select drive) on the primary IDE controller, boot your machine back up and open the Computer Management Console. Select the Disk Management Utility in the Computer Management console and view the drive.

Notice the drive showing as Unknown and Not Initialized. Right click on the Disk Drive icon and select Initialize. The size of the disk comes up as a little less than the advertised size because some of the space is used for drive configuration data. Once the drive becomes initialized, it is unallocated and on-line.

Now you need to partition the drive so you can get a drive letter and separate your new drive’s data from your current drives. Select the size of the partition (either use all or some of the space), assign a drive letter and format the drive. Specify the partition name. The console starts to format the drive and assign the letter, name and size. Once its complete you can view the status, It should read as Healthy after the format is complete. Begin saving your valuable files to your new storage location. Don’t forget to Optimize your storage drive on a normal basis.

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