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Aluminum Case w/Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Although I absolutely LOVE my iPad 2, I began to realize that I truly needed to invest in a keyboard.

iPad inserted into a wireless keyboard

There are times when my fingers move a bit too fast while typing more than a few lines (that would be more times than not) so the decision was clear and I was on the hunt for a wireless keyboard for my iPad.  I happened to be watching a popular talk show one afternoon and saw this Aluminum Case/Keyboard combo from ZAGG.  The ZAGG is $99 but I figured I would search around just a bit more to price it & possibly some others.  A few Google searches later & I ended up on eBay.

Wireless keyboard shortcut and lock keys

Although I opted for one of the lower priced models at around $54, I am still very pleased with my purchase.  I have the same ease of use, comfort & options as I do with my laptop or desktop.  One of the things I had to get used to was getting the device ‘out’ of the case; it took a few times to get used to it but I am now a pro.  The other problem I ran into was I kept accidently hitting the “lock” button (top right corner of the keyboard) which locks your iPad.  Great feature for me (people always want to see what I’m typing!) so I am notcomplaining, just have to be mindful of that button.  I am a fan of most shortcuts & there is no shortage of those on this keyboard.  My most used keys are along the top of the keyboard for easy access, which is another feature of love.  They have also thrown in a few that I did not realize I would use as much as I do.

side view of iPad in wireless keyboard

side view of iPad in wireless keyboard

I use the wireless keyboard for my iPad while it is sitting on my lap, on a table or balance it in the car while using the Google Maps application (can you say “lifesaver” for me).  I am also pleased that it remains light in weight when coupled with the iPad.  For those in the market, I would probably go w/the ZAGG though, for the sleep/wake option, which I do not have with this one, and the grade of material used if that is high up on your list of requirements.

Overall, I am happy with this product.  If you decide on purchasing one, I know you will enjoy it.

Happy typing!


Defender USA