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Apple’s iPad Helps Oregon Voters Cast Votes

I came across an article the other day, which was pretty exciting for me[a huge fan of the Apple iPad].  Just another item to add to my list of “Reasons the iPad is Awesome…”   The special primary election that was held a few Tuesday’s ago[in Oregon], allowed for a number of voters with disabilities to be able to vote with a bit more ease[and privacy].

Election workers for the county equipped with portable printers and iPad’s, searched for, then assisted voters that either could not otherwise fill out or would experience problems filling in a paper ballot.  The beauty of this process to me is that the only writing needed was their signature on the envelope they would either put in the ballot box or mail.  Voters with vision problems could simply adjust display settings or have names for candidates or pamphlets read to them through the iPad.

Five iPad’s were donated by Apple Inc. for this experiment, and Oregon spent about $75,000 to develop the software for this process.  Once fully implemented, there should be less stress on voters especially but election workers as well; who are currently tasked with the haul and setup of equipment[at times difficult] to accommodate voters.

I see that a lot of work is still needed but they are off to a good start.  As my colleague said earlier today, “IT Helping People”… this is definitely one of the best displays I’ve seen of that recently.

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