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Creating a Web server for your Office

How to start a web site? The first thing you would need is a place to host it. If you don’t want to pay for one build your own web server. A web server is a computer that can be used to host a website. You do not have to have server  a  stand-alone computer will work. This is a great idea for a small office that does not have the money or the know-how to set-up a dedicated server on your local network. Using a stand-alone computer, you could download software such as XAMPP which will automatically install and configure everything you need and more. XAMPP installs and configures Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP.

Apache is an open-source application for windows or any Linux based computer. It’s similar to Windows IIS (Internet Information Systems) however, Apache is free and does not require a license. MySQL is also open-source and like Apache, is free and does not require a license. It’s very similar to Microsoft’s SQL but does not have as many options. It’s still a good route to take if your working with a small budget. PHP is a language that your website is using. Nowadays, there are many options such as ASP, Java-script, PHP and many more.

Installing the XAMPP software is as easy as downloading and launching the installation program. Follow the on-screen instructions and you should be ready to go. All your websites should be in their own directories under the newly created HTDOCS folder that XAMPP will create. When you open your web browser, you will enter http://localhost/yourwebsitenamehere. If XAMPP is set-up correctly, you should see your website. Trying to do a similar thing in Microsoft IIS does require a learning curve. For more information on XAMPP, visit their website . For more information on manually configuring PHP to work with APACHE, visit my e-how article.

So, in order to have a website, you have to have somewhere to host it. You can build your own web server and host your own websites.

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