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Get that Home Network Started!

If you have a high-speed network connection, take advantage of it and set up your home network. Normally, your Internet service provider will rent a modem to you that connects to your home PC. This allows you to access the Internet. However, many homes today have more than one computer. The best way to take advantage of that, would be to place a router between your modem and other PC’s or network devices.

You have your choice of a wired router or a wireless router. Both are secured either by a dedicated wire or by WEP security. Wireless routers such as a linksys router would be easy to set up if your home does not already have network ports throughout your house. Wired routers would be easy to set-up if your home is already wired with network ports. Decide if your home should be wired or wireless and then think about creating a rough network diagram.

Create a network diagram so that you can have an idea of how your network is going to look. The diagram should include all the devices you want to have in your network. Include items such as your NAS (Network Attached Storage), printers, Game Consoles, home monitoring cameras and of course your home computers. Follow the network diagram when installing the network devices and make sure to include your telecommunications box. If you don’t have one, you should think about getting one installed. A Telecommunications box is a box that holds the telephone, television and network cables, your modem, router and switch. It organizes your telecommunication and brings it all to one location. Very helpful for troubleshooting problems and also keeps your wires organized when you want to expand services to other rooms.

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