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Google Off-Line e-mail Synchronization

Sync Google mail! Being able to check e-mail is a very important task for many people. Many people use Google for email.  With the possibility of internet connection not being accessible during travel, you should consider using an off-line email configuration. This simply means that you can download your e-mails to your laptop and still view your e-mails whether or not you have access to the internet. When your internet connection gets re-established, you can synch with google,  the changes you made (such as deleting, composing, etc.) to your off-line e-mail. This way you will not be behind on your e-mails. There are many people that get backed up on e-mails because they simple can’t access it. If you are not one of the many millions who have smart phones that can download your e-mails or you just find it too expensive to have a data-package for your phone, then check with your e-mail provider to see how they recommend making your e-mails off-line accessible. For those who have an Google account, here is a quick way to get set up.

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