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Internet Security Access

An access List allows you to block traffic going in or out of your home network. This works by using a router on your network. A network hub device will not work. A network hub allows all traffic to pass both ways; it does not filter any traffic. A router stores information and based on that information, direct traffic in and out of your network. You can configure the router to allow all traffic or some traffic, based on what you enter into your access list.

An access stores the IP address of connections you want to block from accessing your network. You can also block internal IP addressing from accessing the internet. You may want to do this if you don’t want your children’s computer from connecting to the internet or maybe you want to block certain sites.

You can also use an access list for allowing select wireless device onto your wireless network. Even if you did not broadcast your network SSID, some one could still find out what it is and what the password is also. By adding an extra layer of security, it makes it harder for someone to access your home network’s wireless network.

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