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Keep Tabs on your Home over the Internet

Control the internet or at least control your home security over the internet. Many people nowadays invest small amounts of money into technology that allows them to monitor their home or office. What became popular is the use of a home monitoring camera, like the model WVC54GCA from LinkSys. They are easy to set-up and use. To be useful, they should have the ability to record not only single frames, but also motion picture and audio. Try to get one that either turns or has a wide angle view. Home monitoring cameras can be configured to send pictures or videos to one or more e-mail addresses. You should have the option to log-in to the camera and view a live stream. Saving the streams to a hard drive will require a large hard drive so you may want to invest in a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device to dedicated to your camera. The best thing about these newer cameras, is the fact you do not need to have a PC attached to the camera. Using a wireless camera can allow you to place cameras in various locations in or outside of the home but keep in mind the range your camera requires. Some images can become distorted if the camera is too far from the wireless router. The WVC54GCA from LinkSys runs on a G band for Wi-Fi and while behind the wireless router, it is secured from the outside world. If your interested in hosting a web show, it can be allowed to send streams to the Internet.

So with a computer screen and a PC on the internet, anyone can monitor their home security from anywhere that has a internet access.

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