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Lexmark Network Printing from your iPhone

Lexmark has a great app for the iPhone / iPad. This app is called Lexmark Mobile Printing. What’s great about this app is that it lets you print from your mobile devices such as your iPhone and iPad. There are countless times that i wanted to print an e-mail, word document or a website but I would end up having to send the link or the document to my laptop in order to print. With this mobile app, I can now continue using my mobile devices and print directly without having to switch to my laptop. The only requirements are that you would need a wireless/networked printer and that printer has to be a Lexmark. The newer printers today are almost all wireless! For the ones that are a bit older, you would have to first attach the printer to a powered on computer. After you attach the printer, you would need to share it on your home network. Once you share the printer on the network you can access it like a fully wireless printer.

To get started with network printing from a mobile device, download the Lexmark Mobile Printing app from the iTunes store. As of this writing the app is still free. Follow the instructions to install the app on your device. Most likely your mobile device (iPhone or iPad) is already configured for your home or business network. If your smart device is not, you will need to configure it for network access before using the Lexmark Mobile Printing app.

After installing the app, you will need to add your wireless printer to the app. In order to do this, you will have three possible ways; scan the QR code, enter the IP address or browse the wireless network to find the printer. If your printer has a QR scan code tag posted somewhere on the unit, you can use the app to scan and add that printer to the list of available printers.  Most wireless printers have this code for easy connection but some do not. For printers that do not have the scan code,  you would have to browse your wireless network to find and add the printer. This again is done through the application. If you cannot find the printer on your wi-fi network, you have one last option. You can try to enter the IP address of the printer directly into the app. You can also include a nickname of the device as well.

Once the wireless printer is added to the Lexmark Mobile Printing app, you can print e-mails, documents and webpages from your iPhone. The one catch, is that you will have to be in the range of your wi-fi network to print these documents!

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