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Mobile Operating Systems

Mobile Operating Systems allow smartphones and PDA’s to show off their apps and great functionality. They are designed to specifically leverage the functions of the device they run on. Some of the popular mobile operating systems include the Blackberry OS, Google OS, Android and Windows Mobile.

These Operating Systems are still only as good as the hardware they are running on. Just like a desktop computer can only run as fast as the hardware allows it. When purchasing a phone think about what you want your smartphone or PDA to do. Smartphones today can do allot more than mobile phone from a few years ago.

At the moment, the iPhone Operating system and Google Android are at the top of the list mostly due to the amount of application available to run on the specific smartphones. Blackberry still has a pretty good market but they are trailing with the amount of applications available for their BlackBerry OS . BlackBerry recently release the OS 7 so we will be waiting for new apps that can leverage the functions of the new OS.

A good way to decide what Mobile Operating System is best for you follow these steps:

  1. Think about what you want out of your smartphone (Business use, Personal entertainment, etc.).
  2. Think about what apps you absolutely need (Music apps, Games, etc.).
  3. Check on BlackBerry’s App World and iTunes to see if your apps are available there.
  4. Based on what you find, you will have to narrow down your selection to the types of phone the apps run.

At this point you should have narrowed down what phone/OS your sticking with, now let’s hope you have luck with a good wireless. provider. Not at providers are created equal, if so you could always consider an unlocked phone.

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