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Speed Test your Internet Connection

Whether you are a home or small business user, you need to test your Local Are Network’s internet connect to see if you are getting what you are paying for. Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) claim a certain amount of upload/download speed but how can you check to make sure you are getting what you are promised. This is simple. has a great tool that i recommend using to test your upload/download speeds. Simple go to there site and select the closest location to you from the list on the left. Once you click the nearest site, the test will begin. It may take a few seconds, but once its done, it gives you a pretty accurate upload/ download speed. Here are results from two tests i did. The first was done several months ago and the second is a more recent test. Improvements in results can be arrived by fine-tuning your network.

Speed test 1

SpeakEasy Speed Test 1

SpeakEasy Speed Test 2

SpeakEasy Speed Test 2


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