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The “Curly Nikki App” is a member of the network.  The network is a place for Naturlista’s (or anyone with naturally curly hair) to gather and read or blog about experiences, offer support or suggestions to others with naturally curly hair.  It’s a great network full of information and one I’ve heavily used myself for a while now.

Curly Nikki App

Curly Nikki App

Well a wonderful Developer created an “app for that” not too long ago… The Curly Nikki app [harps play in the background] is simply a mobile version of the CurlyNikki Forums.  It’s compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. [iOS 3.0 or later though guys] and available for Droid users.

I cannot testify to the Droid side of things though, as I am an “Apple Girl” now, however, so far I have no complaints while using the app on the iPhone or iPad.  I have not experienced any freezing, crashing or log-in issues as I’ve heard from others.  I simply love this app.  It’s great for anyone “on the go” needing information about natural hair or just to cure a little boredom while they’re out and about.

For me especially, when I don’t have a lot of time for the bells & whistles you encounter in the web version yet need an quick answer or suggestion.  I search for a specific topic or whatever catches my eye and the information is right there.  Loads pretty fast, nice layout/neat and straight to the point. The color choices are a bit bland for my taste but it makes up for that in the “Life” section.  I don’t frequent this side much however; it’s there for those that might get a bit tired of reading just about natural hair.  Topics range from Finances to Books on down to Music.

I’ll continue to suggest the CurlyNikki app to those “on the go” & needing an app that’s fast loading & provides information about naturally curly hair right at their fingertips.  It definitely gets my thumbs up!

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