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Using a Hi-Def TV as a Monitor

Be on TV! Oh at least get your computer desktop on a High Definition TV. With the rise of HD TV now being the norm, there are more ways to increase your time spent on your laptop or computer. While there are current limitations on the size of a laptop or PC display screen, we can now take advantage of that large 52inch or 60inch display hanging on the wall. Use your  a TV for a monitor. Most of the new TV’s come with several great input sources, one of them should be a PC source.

This would be a 15-pin female DB connector. This is the same connector you would find at the back of a computer or laptop. You would need a long enough cable to reach from your laptop or computer, to your television. Many people nowadays have replaced their desktops with the more mobile laptops. With the ability to connect the laptops to a large screen display, surfing the internet or playing that computer game, can be fun again. Even watching a TV show streaming on their computers or laptops with Online TV software.

So instead of trying to spend money on larger screens for your desktop or laptop, think about using your current Hi-Def TV as a monitor and put it to better use. Check what connections your TV has and purchase the correct cable that connects your desktop or laptop to your TV as an external output source. For information on connecting a laptop or computer to a large screen hi-def display, take a look at this Ehow article.

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