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Using Windows Easy Transfer

Many people have experience the frustration that comes along with having to leave a windows profile that you are familiar with, on an older computer, just to start all over again with a new profile on a newer computer. Well there is a way to migrate your profile and save your user data files. You will still have to install individual applications but your user data can be copied over.

If your upgrading/migrating to a new computer with a profile from Windows XP or Windows Vista and moving to Windows 7, Microsoft has made it very easy to do with a tool called Windows Easy Transfer. The easiest option to getting started is to have the new and the old computer on the same network.

If both machines are on the same network, you can copy the windows easy transfer software from the Windows 7 machine, over to the earlier OS. If you can’t get a network configured, copy the application to a USB drive and run it on the older OS.

There are also special transfer cables designed to aide in transferring files from one computer to another computer. These cables have usb connectors on both ends and work with the Windows Easy Transfer software. If your planning on making file transfer a hobby, i recommend purchasing a set.

Once the connection is made between the older OS (Windows XP or Windows Vista) and the Windows 7 OS, you are given a list of accounts that you can transfer to Windows 7. I suggest creating an account on the Windows 7 machine with the same name as an account on the previous OS. If you are logged into Windows 7 with an account that you do not want data transferred into, you could get unwanted data! I suggest logging out and logging in with a newly created account name that exist on the previous OS.

After you choose the accounts to transfer and the transfer begins, the files will move over to your Windows 7 OS. You will need to wipe your old machine (if you do not need it anymore), your profile is still on that machine. Having old data lying around is a security hazard, be cautious. After some time, you will be asked to reboot your machine. After the reboot, you will see the profiles, on the log on screen, that were transferred over from the earlier versions on Windows.

That’s all it takes to transfer files from windows vista to 7. Either network your computers together for the transfer or use the special usb cables.

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