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What is Virtualization?

Simply put, its removing physical machines and replacing them with one machine and multiple OS(Operating System)’s. It saves money in several ways.  Instead of spending hundreds of dollars purchasing and maintaining several workstations or servers, a growing business can cut back on expenses by using one or two computers and installing a virtual software that splits up the resources and shares it among “virtual machines” running different independent operating systems.

On a small network, one machine can look like 5 machines! Many large companies and government agencies are making the move to virtualize in order to cut down on repair costs, purchasing hardware and helping with the green initiative. If your using a Linux based systems such as Ubuntu, you can use VirtualOS. Windows users will want to look at Virtual PC.

Once you have installed the Virtualization software for your specific environment, you can install multiple operating systems to run individually and appear on your network as a normal machine. You will  have to make sure your computer can handle multiple virtual machines. Remember, each virtual machine uses some of the resources on your computer. The more virtual machines you create, the more resources are used on your computer.

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