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Wi-Fi Thermostat

Many consumers are taking advantage of the increasing Wi-Fi enabled devices on the market. Many of these devices allow the consumer to conveniently control the home or office environment. A simple thing like changing a setting on your HVAC system while on vacation can save a consumer money on their utility bill. The type of Wi-Fi enabled device i am referring to is a Wi-Fi Thermostat. It’s easy to install, easy to configure and helps lower your utility bill.

Wi-Fi thermostats like the model 3M-50 from Filtrete, replaces older dial knobs/slider thermostats. They install very easily. You replace the same color coded wires from your old thermostat and connect them up to the new thermostat. Most homeowners should be able to swap a thermostat out. The only difficult part of the installation is if the replaced thermostat did not have a C terminal connection. The C terminal connection gives you 24v of power to the thermostat from the HVAC system timer board and allows the Wi-Fi thermostat to operate without batteries. (The batteries could come in handy during a power outage, but during a power outage your HVAC will most likely not have power, so it really will not help you much). The Wi-Fi Thermostats like the 3M-50 require the C terminal connection in order to use the Wi-Fi features.

Filtrete cloud account

Filtrete cloud account

After installing the thermostat with the C terminal providing power, connecting the thermostat to the network is straight-forward.  The 3M-50 comes with instructions to help you easily configure the thermostat to join your network. Once you join the thermostat to your Wi-Fi network, i you then register and add your thermostat to a cloud account like with Filtrete for the 3M-50 models. With a few clicks, your then set a 7-day schedule with greater ease than if you had to configure it on the device yourself. You cou

ld also use a smartphone to change the settings after downloading an app for your iPhone or Android device. The lag time between adjustments on my smartphone device and the internet appeared to be about 3-5 minutes, but if i am out of town or about to board an airplane, and i forget to set my thermostat to the AWAY mode, this 3-5 minute lag is just fine with me!

For those conscious of ways to lower their utility bill, the Filtrete cloud account gives information on how adjusting your thermostat (hotter or colder) will save you on your utility bill. There are suggested settings to help save you money, so you can have an idea of just how much savings you will have depending on how you heat/cool your home or office.

With the ease of use and advanced functions, this is a must have Wi-Fi device for your home or office. With three different ways to access the temperature settings ( on the device; on a computer; on a smartphone) this Wi-Fi device should be a must have for any Wi-Fi home or office network.

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