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WinX Rip DVD and iTunes

A few months ago, i wrote a post about importing CD’s into iTunes. I wrote that post in order to digitize my large CD collection and reclaim some storage space in my spare room. I was able to save two – three box space, filled with music CD’s.  Now i find myself with yet still more boxes; this time, boxes of DVD movies. I did not have time to catalog and I did not have the space. My solution again would be iTunes. The only problem with DVDs and iTunes, is that iTunes does not have an option to import movies directly into iTunes. Luckily, there is a solution!

I came across a program called WinX Rip DVD to Music for Mac. The free version allows you to rip some DVD movies to MP4 file format. Once you have an MP4 file format version of your movie, you can drag and drop your movie into iTunes. Then you can organize your movies and play them anywhere on your home network (if stored on a Network Attached Storage drive) or on your iPhone or iPod. You will have to synch your devices with the iTunes library and select the movie you want to synch. If your playing it on your home network, your devices will have share the same library.

Pros: This free version is definitely successful at what its advertised to do, Rip DVD’s! This has definitely convinced me that I wouldn’t regret upgrading to the paid version.

Cons: There were some moments when I had to Force Quit the program after it stopped responding, but given the short amount of time it took to rip a DVD, I am satisfied. There were a few DVD’s that i was not able to Rip.

All around, this was a decent program to have around.

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